Step 2: Face–to–Face

Troy Dunn

For years I went to every small group training event there was in the United States and finally came to one conclusion… although I frequently left excited, I never really got trained.

River of the Spirit provides “INTERACTIVE TRAINING!” Which means if you come to our training to sit and listen… you’re in the wrong place! Everything we do that day will be in the context of a small group. Contact River today to get a sample of the training day.

How to get face–to–face time with River…

#1 Look at our current training events and sign up to attend. One training per year is open to the public and normally free. Others events are at specific churches which you may call to inquire about attending their event.

#2 Host an event at your organization. River is open to training organization other than churches as well. One year River helped train the SAMM Shelter employees in San Antonio. River has helped numerous churches “get off the ground” with a small group training Saturday. Some churches have opted for a “fast-track” where River provides the sermon and then provides a training after the service.

#3 Combine with other churches or organizations to host a training day. Excitement can build and the Spirit of God can really move in a community when organizations work together. Contact River for ideas about how this might be achieved.