Step 1: Getting Started

If you’re reading this God has probably already called you to lead others in their Christian walk. Or, maybe God has called you to simply walk together with others as you journey down the path God has in store for you… whatever the motivation — you’re in for an awesome journey! Here’s some help to get you started…

A: Ask God to send you a co-leader for your small group!

Jesus could have sent out the disciples by themselves in Luke 10 but chose to send them by twos. We think this was for the mutual support that the disciples would need as they traveled spreading the gospel. Whatever the case, two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.)

B: Download the “Group Guider Tips”

This will give you and your co–leader some things to consider and pray about as God leads you down the path for small group ministry.

Download Group Guider Tips Now!

C: Start meeting with your co–leader regularly

Begin by meeting regularly with your co-leader for prayer. By doing so you model the importance of regular (and reliable) meeting times. Participants need to know someone will be there each time you meet.

  1. Pray that God will lead you to people to invite to your small group. Set a start date, time and place to meet.
  2. Consider “get to know you questions” that will help your group become better acquainted each time you meet. Remember to keep the questions on a surface level to begin with… then ask more feeling-level questions as the group gets more comfortable.
  3. Have some suggestions ready for your group to help them decide what will be discussed or studied each time you meet. You may want to consider "Quick Start" which is River’s 12-week meeting guide for new small groups. River has over 200 study guides available that can be downloaded and sent via email to all your group participants. A CD is available as well... click here for more information.

Download Quick Start Guides Now!

For further training or questions… call River for possible training dates for yourself or your church/area.