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Article Icon Can $1 Change Your Life?

by Troy 17. January 2013 12:28

It started as an idea... a way to get youth excited about helping someone out at Christmas time without costing them an arm and leg.  So i made some paper-board ornaments for $1 that kids could purchase to send a child to Bible Club in India.  As an added incentive I told the youth that I would match "dollar for dollar" anything they raised.  Those youth always come through with a little challenge... they raised a little over $250!  I told my Tuesady morning men's group, Men's Life, about the ornaments and they decided they would match as well!  So we had a little over $750 to put toward Children's Bible Club in India.  When I told my contact for Mission India about this little project he said, "Hey!  I got matching funds for that!"  It started as an idea... it has "ripple-effected" into nearly 1600 children going to Bible Club.  To learn more about all the Bible Club does in India... click HERE.

Can $1 change your life... think about it.

To all of you who support River of the Spirit - you had a helping hand in this!  We thank you with our whole hearts!

Grace and peace, Troy and Andy


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Article Icon What's Going On In India!

by Troy 6. December 2011 10:04

River has partnered with Mission India to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in 3 specific ways.

#1 - Church Planters...  Church planters are funded for a two year period ($2500 total cost) as they learn in class room settings and supervised field work to start their own churches.  Nearly all church planters have started 2 church in this two year period and after 5 years have established 5 churches.

#2 - Children's Bible school...  Bible schools last for 10 days in which children learn songs, games, Bible stories, prayer and discipleship.  This is also a humintarian effort since the misnistry also teaches children how to bath, wash hands before meal preparation, etc...

#3 - Adult Literacy Program... 2 hours per night, 5 nights a week for one year provides students wtih a 5th grade equivalent education in reading, writing and math.  One of the programs great successes is to teach women who in turn teach their villages.  There are well over 300 million illiterate adults in India.

River raises funds two ways... individual giving and Leadership Training days for churches.

Stats for River thus far...

#1 - Church Planters - 4 (all have started 2 churches each - we anticipate more in the future)

#2 - Children's Bible school - 4000+

#3 - Adult Literacy Program - 65 women

All individual contributions go directly to India for ministry... over 50% of all Training Days go to India for ministry.


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